Friday, July 28, 2006

`Come here, my ho.'

Racial slurs, degrading women and a fight outside a strip club. Yep, another day in the NBA.

Three former members of the Milwaukee Bucks, including Gary Payton and Sam Cassell, are accused of fighting outside a strip club.

According to the Toronto Star, the confrontation began when Payton called out to a female stripper as if she were an opposing player on the court:

"He called her a `ho,'" Cassell testified. "He said, `Come here, my ho.' Both of them had been calling each other `ho' all night. They were both communicating with each other that way. It was friendly."
A white male accompanying the stripper didn't see it that way:

"The guy said, `Hey, n-----, I don't care who you are, you don't talk to my woman that way.' And then sparks just flew," Sam Cassell testified yesterday.

A brief race war then broke out between the man, Cassell and Payton. The former teammates are now charged with multiple counts of assault and one count of "keepin' it real."

Defence attorney Edward Greenspan asked Cassell how a black man would take a racial slur uttered by a white man.

"That's a no-no statement," he answered.
Greenspan then asked Cassell if there would have been a problem had a black man said the slur. Cassell replied, "N----- please" before leaping off the witness stand and juggling his giant testicles.

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