Saturday, August 26, 2006

10-Second Film Reviews #2

Faster than Terrell Owens, harsher than Bill Parcells and more controversial than Jerry Jones: it's my 10-second film reviews!

Movies I've seen this past week, along with my Netflix ratings:

Runaway Jury:
The film adaptation of the Grisham novel is about manipulating a jury in a high-stakes civil suit against a gun manufacturer (instead of a tobacco company like in the book). The movie emphasizes backstory too much, and doesn't humanize many of its characters. A handful of ridiculous action scenes further dilute the story. (**)

The Man From Colorado: A terrible post-classical Western. Clunky dialogue, decent story, mediocre action scenes. Lots of talking, especially about stuff the audience already knows or has already seen. Over-the-top musical cues take the place of genuine drama. (*)

Tokyo Story: A post-WWII family drama, widely considered one of the ten best films ever made. A very, very, very slow-moving movie. Long takes, minimal camera moves. Much of the conflict is inferred or occurs off-screen. Likely requires multiple viewings to fully appreciate the film, because the first time doesn't do it. (***)

Wedding Crashers: Very funny first half. The latter part spirals into an overly melodramatic that's long on speeches and short on laughs. Good performances from all the lead actors/actresses. The characters had great motivations and changes throughout the story. Speaking of the story, some parts conveniently moved the plot along when there was nothing there. (***)

Mean Streets: Gritty, NYC two-bit mob movie. Wonderful soundtrack juxtaposed with spectacular action scenes. Story is adequate. Lots of great "little moments." Unsatisfying final third of the film. Robert De Niro's character is too much of a scoundrel to be sympathetic toward, which makes people that are sympathetic to him less likable. (***)

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