Friday, August 25, 2006

And It Makes You Wanna Scream

Today's Rocky Mountain News included this little tidbit:
Seattle manager Mike Hargrove is in a precarious position. If he's fired, Dusty Baker's name has been mentioned, and the Cubs manager is expected to jump at the chance to get back to the West Coast.
It's a foregone conclusion that Grover will be axed before next season. A few names have been mentioned as replacements, with Baker being among them. Despite having a decent managerial resume, including over a thousand wins, Dusty's the last guy the M's should want to lead the team. Dusty is notorious for blowing out his starting pitchers (see Kerry Wood, Mark Prior), and Seattle can't afford to mortage their future by overworking youngsters Felix Hernandez and Cha Seung Baek. Also Dusty makes excuses for losing (see 2006 Chicago Cubs). The Mariners are likely on their way to a third-straight 90-loss season. Someone needs to get rid of the losing mentality in Seattle and hold this team accountable. That someone ain't gonna be Dusty.

Here's hoping that Seattle's front office has enough sense not to replace the Grover with a Baker. Otherwise, Mariners fans in 2007 might be looking like this:

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