Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mayo Commits?

O.J. Mayo, one of the top players in high school basketball, has reportedly agreed to play for the USC Trojans.

A moderator has posted the following message:
O.J. Mayo, seen by many as the top prep high school basketball player in the nation, verbally committed to the University of Southern California today. Mayo is currently on the Southern Cal campus with good friend and fellow Ohio hoops prospect Aaron Pogue. Both were seen at practice today. More coming later. And who says we just do football recruiting...
There is also a premium article on the site entitled "Commits to SC." It's worth noting USC remains listed as a school of "High Interest" on O.J.'s profile.

Scott Wolf describes the events surrounding this breaking news:
O.J. Mayo just made an unexpected visit to USC, coming down from the Michael Jordan camp.The football team chanted his name and Mayo was here about an hour, hanging out with his friend Aaron Pogue.
"It was great and exciting," Mayo said.
This was Mayo's second visit to USC. Mayo said he would announce his decision before the end of the year. He is widely expected to come to USC.
Wolf also writes that Mayo did not officially commit. Stay tuned...

UPDATE 8/13/06: The press conference where O.J. was to announce he would play for USC has been cancelled. It was scheduled for this afternoon.

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