Sunday, September 17, 2006

Clash of the Trojans

This year Southern Cal -- oops USC -- has implemented a limit for student seating at home football games. The folks in the Athletic Department figured 8,000 seats were enough to satsify the kiddies.

Err, guess again.

Thousands of students were left bruised and battered, physically and psychologically. And those were the ones lucky enough to get into the Coliseum! Details of the debacle can be found here, here, here and here. Was this a college football game or a concert for The Who?

Of course, those that were denied stadium entry weren't the only ones barred from watching the game in person. Hundreds of USC students, myself included, have been denied Spirit Activities Cards due to excessive sales. The Spirit Card is the USC student pass that allows access to all sports home games, including football. So besides the thousands turned away on game day at Gate 28, you also have to take into account those that never even had a chance to get turned away at Gate 28.
"We need to improve some things, no question," said Steve Lopes, senior associate athletic director. "But overall, everyone got into the game and hopefully they're happy about that."
"But overall, everyone got into the game and hopefull they're happy about that?" Like that one guy that tried to hop the fence and got arrested? Maybe the chick that puked on the person in front of her? Or the graduate couple that left the line, fearing for their baby's safety? Perhaps the dude that lost three toenails?

Mr. Lopes: you sir, are a fucking liar.

UPDATE 9/19/06: USC responds to the critics. I love this little morsel regarding the decision to limit student seating to 8,000:
The largest attendance at a home game by students during the 2005 season occurred at the Stanford game, with 7,540 attending.
Is the Athletic Department serious? More USC students went to the game against Stanford than for the regular-season finale against UCLA? You know, the annual contest against crosstown-rivals that also happened to be Matt Leinart's final game at the Coliseum.

I guess so, since USC says students preferred attending a game against trees.

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