Monday, September 25, 2006

Clearly We're Not Speaking the Same Language

A British newspaper had some interesting ways to describe Luol Deng, who was raised in England and recently signed a contract extension with the Chicago Bulls.
Basketball player Luol Deng became one of the highest-paid sports stars in the world when he signed a new five-year, £41.6million deal with the Chicago Bulls.
What? Deng's extension doesn't even put him in the upper-echeleon of NBA earners. Hell, five Knicks will make more this season than Luol.
The 21-year-old's meteoric success means he will now earn £160,000 a week - reputedly £60,000 a week more than Britain's biggest footballer, Beckham.
Meteoric success? 13 points and 6 rebounds is considered meteoric? The comparison to Beckham is also misleading. The highest-paid sports stars (Beckham, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher) make most of their income from endorsements. Comparing team paychecks, Deng will earn more than David. Luol, however, doesn't rake in the $23 million annually that Beckham reportedly earns.
Six-feet nine-inches tall Luol, who grew up in Stanger Road, is already a massive star in the US but is less well known here.
If Luol is a massive star, what the hell is LeBron? The universe?

I like Luol Deng. He's a good player who has overcome adversity (his family fled from war-torn Sudan when he was child) and worked hard to get where he is. But this is clearly a desperate attempt by the British media to champion one of its own.

Talk about HoopsHype.

UPDATE: The story was erroneous (as if that wasn't apparent). There was no contract extension.

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