Monday, September 11, 2006

Let the Brady Quinn Sweepstakes Begin

Thankfully I didn't watch a second of tonight's 27-0 thrashing against the Chargers, in Oakland no less. I guess the Black Hole was broke or something because the only thing that sucked tonight was the entire team. The Raiders offense produced only 129 total yards and allowed nine sacks. The D gave up almost 200 rushing yards.

Lately things are getting real ugly for the Silver and Black. A couple days ago Randy Moss went on a nonsensical rant, Jerry Porter (Oakland's #2 receiver) was inactive for the season opener and now this lovely goose egg performance.

I miss the preseason, when Oakland only had off-the-field problems.

UPDATE 9/12/06: Looks like the situation is getting worse. Apparently Porter really enjoyed seeing his quarterback get pummeled last night.

UPDATE 9/13/06: Porter denies cheering against his own team. He says he wasn't even watching the game.

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