Friday, September 15, 2006

Quick Hits

* Which Bush should be mored concerned about approval ratings: George W. or Reggie?

* I smile every time Michelle Wie struggles at a men's event. She needs to win at every level before playing against the best. Now Annika, she's more than welcome to play against the big boys in my book. And that includes The Masters (but not because a crazed feminist group demands it).

* I feel bad for Franciso Liriano, the Minnesota Twins and baseball fans everywhere. Let's hope the mild ligament tear won't have long-term effects on the pitching phenom's career.

* Outside the Lines: First Report is so good. If enough people watch the show, it'll send a message to the folks at ESPN that OTL is the type of quality sports news programming viewers want. Because, you know, all ESPN cares about is ratings.

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