Saturday, October 28, 2006

10-Second Film Reviews #11

Scarier than Halloween, sweeter than chocolate and nastier than black licorice: it's my 10-second film reviews!

Movies I've seen this past week, along with my Netflix ratings (out of five stars):

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: A zany comedy that has plot and action to boot. The funny stuff is hit-or-miss. Hits include the fight with the Black Knight and Lancelot slaying folks at a wedding reception; misses involve the witch trial and the various castle dialogues. The comedy undercuts the story too often. Terry Gilliam depicts a beautifulEnglish landscape and creates exceptional conflict with his cuts. (***)

Art School Confidential:
This dark comedy lampoons the world of, yep, art school. There's a few chuckles to be had at the expense of creative and tortured dorks. Unfortunately two-dimensional characters, weak acting, a muddled story (and equally muddled subplots) and some cringe-worthy dialogue make for an unsatisfactory experience. (**)

Five Easy Pieces: A road film starring Jack Nicholson. There's no story to speak of in this film; rather than a plot there's a series of loosely-connected incidents. The first half is a bore because the lack of a unifying force to tie all together besides Jack's character -- who's quite an unlikable fellow by the way. The second half is far more intriguing. The experimental narrative presented some great moments, such as when Nicholson plays the piano in the middle of a busy freeway. (***)

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