Saturday, October 14, 2006

College Football's Top Teams and Heisman Hopefuls: Week #7

Major changes in both polls this week. Auburn's upset over Florida, another close-call for USC and a bye week for a major program alters the Top Ten landscape.

Equally big changes in the race for the Heisman. Adrian Peterson's injury and Garrett Wolfe's poor performance knocked them from the top five, where they are replaced by a couple of commendable underclassmen.

Top Ten Teams

College Last Week
1) Ohio State 1
2) Michigan 2
3) West Virginia
4) Texas
5) Auburn 8
6) USC
7) Florida
8) Louisville
9) Tennessee 9
10) California -

Dropped out: #10 Notre Dame

Heisman Hopefuls

Name College Position Year Last Week
1) Troy Smith Ohio State QB Sr. 1
2) Brady Quinn Notre Dame QB Sr. 2
3) Mike Hart Michigan RB Jr. 3
4) Steve Slaton
West Virginia
RB So. -
5) Ray Rice
RB So.

Dropped out: Garrett Wolfe, Adrian Peterson

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