Saturday, October 21, 2006

College Football's Top Teams and Heisman Hopefuls: Week #8

Not too much change in either poll. The near-upsets (Nebraska-Texas, Tennessee-Alabama, California-Washington) hurt the Golden Bears this week, who were replaced in the poll by Clemson, who manhandled #13 Georgia Tech tonight. The Vols also dropped a spot but remain in the Top Ten after a scare from the Crimson Tide.

Ray Rice and Steve Slaton switched spots at the bottom of the Heisman poll. Rice's 225 rushing yards and one touchdown were enough to give him the nod over the other stud sophomore RB -- at least for this week.

Top Ten Teams

College Last Week
1) Ohio State 1
2) Michigan 2
3) West Virginia
4) Texas
5) Auburn 5
6) USC
7) Florida
8) Louisville
9) Clemson -
10) Tennessee 9

Dropped out: #10 California

Heisman Hopefuls

Name College Position Year Last Week
1) Troy Smith Ohio State QB Sr. 1
2) Brady Quinn Notre Dame QB Sr. 2
3) Mike Hart Michigan RB Jr. 3
4) Ray Rice
RB So. 5
5) Steve Slaton
West Virginia
RB So.

Dropped out: None


Matthew C. Keegan said...

Ray Rice will continue to rise as the weeks pass by. Look for Rice to be one heckuva dark Heisman horse come December.

Sports on a Schtick said...

I think it's very possible that Rice could end up as high as #2 in the Heisman voting. Not sure anyone can surpass Troy Smith and his stellar 21 TD/3 INT ratio though. Doesn't hurt that he's the leader of the consensus #1 team in the country either.