Saturday, October 21, 2006

NBA Preview 2006-2007: Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks
C: DeSagana Diop (7.5)
PF: Dirk Nowitzki (10)
SF: Josh Howard (8)
SG: Jerry Stackhouse (8)
PG: Jason Terry (9)
Bench: Devin Harris, Greg Buckner, Devean George, Erick Dampier, Maurice Ager, Austin Croshere, Anthony Johnson, Darius Washington (9)
Coach: Avery Johnson (9)
GM: Donnie Nelson (9.5)
Overall: 70
Summary: Dirk provides the biggest match-up problem in the NBA. No lone defender can guard against the 7-footer's inside and outside game. Terry and Harris are the league's best PG tandem. Diop holds his ground when under the rim. Ager and Washington have the
Outlook: Mark Cuban should and will demand nothing less than a championship.

Houston Rockets
C: Yao Ming (10)
PF: Juwan Howard (7)
SF: Tracy McGrady (10)
SG: Bonzi Wells (8)
PG: Rafer Alston (7.5)
Bench: Shane Battier, Luther Head, Dikembe Mutombo, Steve Novak, Casey Jacobsen (8)
Coach: Jeff Van Gundy (7.5)
GM: Carroll Dawson (8.5)
Overall: 66.5

Memphis Grizzlies
C: Stromile Swift (7.5)
PF: Pau Gasol (9)
SF: Mike Miller (8)
SG: Eddie Jones (7)
PG: Damon Stoudamire (7)
Bench: Rudy Gay, Hakim Warrick, Dahntay Jones, Chucky Atkins, Kyle Lowry (6.5)
Coach: Mike Fratello (7.5)
GM: Jerry West (9.5)
Overall: 62

New Orleans Hornets
C: Tyson Chandler (8)
PF: David West (8)
SF: Peja Stojakovic (8.5)
SG: Desmond Mason (7.5)
PG: Chris Paul (9)
Bench: Bobby Jackson, Rasual Butler, Cedric Simmons, Hilton Armstrong (6)
Coach: Byron Scott (8)
GM: Jeff Bower (7)
Overall: 62
Summary: The bench is either old and injured (Jackson) or young and unproven (Simmons, Armstrong).

San Antonio Spurs
C: Francisco Elson (6)
PF: Tim Duncan (10)
SF: Bruce Bowen (8)
SG: Manu Ginobli (9.5)
PG: Tony Parker (9.5)
Bench: Michael Finley, Robert Horry, Brent Barry, Jackie Butler, Jacque Vaughn, Matt Bonner, Francisco Oberto (8.5)
Coach: Gregg Popovich (10)
GM: RC Buford (9.5)
Overall: 71
Summary: Whoever starts at center for the Spurs won’t be very good.

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