Monday, October 16, 2006

Words on the Eric Gordon Saga

An excellent summary and analysis about high school basketball star Eric Gordon switching his commitment from Illnois to Indiana. Theo Rabinowitz really nails how shady the entire ordeal has been:
This is an unwritten rule that all - well, almost all - coaches still abide by. In August, when asked about verbal commitments, Bruce Weber said "Ask 98 percent of the coaches, and they'll tell you that they stop calling kids once they [orally commit]. We do. Most do it." Either Kelvin Sampson never got that memo, or just decided to stash it in his attic along side that handy NCAA rulebook.
Rabinowitz's conclusion is even more terse:
What have we learned since this mess started in the summer? We still know that Eric Gordon has a lot to learn about honesty and integrity and Kelvin Sampson is a cheater. The only thing that we learned on Friday is that Eric Gordon will indeed be a Hoosier.
Meanwhile, an Illini fan offers his take on the situation:
An oral commitment is not binding, so Sampson was in his rights to bombard Gordon with text messages and other sweet nothings such as hiring Gordon’s father’s college coach as an assistant.

Sampson has single-handedly made the oral commitment worthless in college basketball, which is going to have an derelict effect on the recruiting process from this point forward.
Good times in the world of high school hoops recruiting.

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