Monday, November 27, 2006

Capgate Resolved

So a few weeks ago I wrote about how the Orlando Magic sent me the wrong freakin' hat. After I didn't get a response for a week I figured it was a lost cause and vowed never again to buy from

A week later I got a voicemail from an customer rep. He said he would email me later about my incorrect mail order but never did. I figured it was some token gesture by a big business and didn't think much of it. Or the website for that matter.

Two weeks later I went returned home for an extended Thanksgiving break. Much to my surprise, awaiting on my desk was a large package from the Orlando Magic. I opened the box and there, in all its white and navy glory, was the hat I wanted all along. I immediately ripped the hat from its plastic cover and placed it on my head. As soon as I put the hat on it became my favorite. It's a Flex Fit, so it wears comfortably. It looks awesome as well. But best of all the hat was free, free, free!

Two hats for the price of one. Huzzah!

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