Monday, November 13, 2006

Label Me, If You Must

The new Blogger beta has a new Labels feature, which basically links posts that have a similar topic. For example, at the bottom of all my 10-Second Film Reviews there is the Label "film review." Click on that and you'll be whisked away to all my film reviews! Useful stuff.

I'm in the process of Labeling all of my posts, which will help streamline like this nickel-and-dime operation.

UPDATE 11/13/06: Finishing labeling, for now anyway. I also added The Big Lead and The Basketball Jones to the Links. Also there's a few more entries in the Not Worst of SoaS section.

There's already been 54 hits to SoaS today. This place doesn't get that much traffic in weeks let alone in one day. I'm not complaining, but where the hell is everyone coming from?

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