Monday, November 27, 2006

Mike Shula Fired From Alabama

So I'm listening to vintage No Doubt ("Don't Speak" and "Spiderwebs" to be specific) and doing homework at two in the morning when I come across this shocker:
Mike Shula has been dismissed as head coach of the University of Alabama football team and will not be back for the 2007 season, according to a report Sunday night from Tuscaloosa News sports editor Cecil Hurt on its web site
Wow. I guess a college head coach doesn't even get one bad year. I feel bad for Shula, who revived the historic Crimson Tide program with a 10-win season and a victory in the Cotton Bowl last year. But going 2-6 in conference and losing again to rival Auburn was too much to bear. Supposedly Alabama will have South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier at the top of its wish list.

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Newspaper Hack said...

DUDE -- Mike Shula had one winning season in four years.


And his asinine playcalling is why Bama wasn't able to win games in the fourth quarter or beat rivals. The only time when this wasn't the case was last season when by the sheer luck of the way the ball bounced, he Forrest Gump-ed his way into a 10-2 season.

In the end, he was what he was: a rebound coach. Like a rebound girlfriend, they get you out of the muck, but once you do, you're ready for someone actually decent.