Friday, December 01, 2006

10-Second Film Reviews #16

More intense than Rivalry Week and more revealing than a Britney crotch-shot; it's my 10-second film reviews!

Movies I've seen this past week, along with my Netflix ratings (out of five stars):

The Wild Bunch: A violent and awesome Western. This movie has some of the most memorable and influential shootout scenes ever. Yet beyond all the betrayal and bloodshed is a captivating story about a fading era and eroding morals. William Holden, as the leader of the pack, delivers a strong performace as the most ferocious and fragmented cowboy. (*****)

Cool Hand Luke: Paul Newman stars as a prisoner who can't help getting into trouble. You really root for him as he fights against a crooked system and breaks for freedom. The film, clocking in at over two hours, has a bit more fat than it can chew. Weak ending. (****)

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