Saturday, December 09, 2006

10-Second Film Reviews #17

More anticipated than winter break and more devastating than food poisoning; it's my 10-second film reviews!

Movies I've seen this past week, along with my Netflix ratings (out of five stars):

After Hours: A movie -- by the great Martin Scorsese, no less -- that I actively hated as it went on. About halfway through the film I wished -- just like the protagonist -- that the nightmare would end. There's not much plot to speak of. Rather, a series of very loosely-connected circumstances and coincidences comprise the story. Hours isn't a black comedy, it's just twisted. (*)

The Break-Up: The first comedy I've seen Vince Vaughn strain not only for laughs but also for emotional plausibility. The romantic, comedic and dramatic elements come and go in sporadic splashes; everything's half-baked. There's a lot of pretty things to look at: a nice apartment, the Chicago skyline, Jennifer Aniston. Unfortunately, it's not enough to mask the fallacies in the story and characters. (**)

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