Thursday, December 07, 2006

As I Lay Dying and Ode to the LA Times

This bout of food poisoning has hampered my life quite a bit. Anyway, while I have some free time before my final exam on Tuesday I thought I'd mention J.A. Adande's blog.

Most people recognize J.A. as a frequent guest on "Around the Horn" or as an occasional fill-in on "Pardon the Interruption." I had the benefit of reading Adande growing up. In fact the D section of the LA Times was my portal to the world of sports back when print media, cable television and the radio were the only sources of information. I was lucky enough to read the works of Adande, Tim Brown, Chris Dufrense, Mark Heisler Jim Murray, Ross Newhan, Bill Plaschke, Diane Pucin and T.J. Simers on a daily basis. A lot of my sports fanaticism can be attributed to the Times; without its fascinating stories and passionate writers -- who knows? I may be into Fabergé eggs or something *shudder*

J.A.'s blog is well-written, full of wit and insight. It's a bit more freestyle compared to his usual column, which gives him space to operate "Adande Lounge"-style. The blog's definitely worth a click.

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