Thursday, December 14, 2006

Seattle and Its Supreme Bogusness

It was bad enough that Seattle Mariners GM Bill "Bogus" Bavasi traded away Rafael Soriano to the Atlanta Braves for Horacio Ramirez. Although the M's traded a great relief pitcher for an average starter with history of injuries -- basically getting 50 cents for a dollar -- at least the team made a move to improve its most glaring weakness: starting pitching.

Now Bogus Bavasi has made another transaction. This one, however, is indefensible by any standard. Seattle is on the verge of trading Chris Snelling (oft-injured yet very promising corner outfielder) and Emiliano Fruto (a live arm) to the Washington Nationals for Jose Vidro, a declining hitter with a suspect glove. Barring a botched physical exam, it appears this debacle of a deal will go down.

So the M's basically give away two young commodities for a decent second baseman who is owed $16 million for the next two years. It's bad enough Bogus Bavasi has agreed to pay $12 million of Jose's salary, but where exactly does Seattle expect Jose to pay? The Mariners already have 2006 All-Star second baseman Jose Lopez. Oh well, Seattle can plug Jose at first base. That's where the Nationals stashed Lopez when his glove started sucking. But wait! Seattle already has Richie Sexson, the definition of an expensive first baseman that can't play defense.

Not surprising, reaction has been swift and severe.

What's the over-under for the 2007 Seattle Mariners now: 75 wins and 2 million home fans?

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