Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thoughts on the Lakers-Spurs Game

* What a great game. Playoff-like intensity. Reminded me why I love basketball. The Spurs have played sluggish all year, and this game was no different. At one point the entire team was shooting 30% from the field. But like championship-caliber squads tend to do San Antonio played an excellent second-half. The bench especially stepped up, culminating with Michael Finley's game-winning three with 1.3 seconds left in overtime.

Meanwhile the Laker suffered another collapse. This team is like a roller coaster ride: one day they beat the Mavs, the next day they lose to the Bobcats. No consistency. Now they go on a brutal 8-game road trip. This stretch should reveal whether the Lakers are contenders or pretenders.

* Kobe's forced to sit out a game because of smacking Manu's dome:

* Some people think Bryant was trying to draw a foul. Another possibility is Kobe swings at Ginobli to push him away. Kobe probably didn't meant to clock the Argentinean in the kisser, but Mamba knew there was enough time to get up another shot and wanted to clear out the defender. He deliberately threw an arm out, which incidentally hit a defender in the face.

Does that warrant a suspension? Tough call, but the slow-mo video doesn't help Kobe.

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