Friday, February 23, 2007

Deadspin Previews the M's

It's ugly but sadly accurate:
• Today the Mariners have possibly the worst front office in baseball. Not only have they sat slack-jawed at the trade deadline while the pennant race left them behind each of the last several years, but during this off-season they:

• Traded their terrific set-up man for a mediocre starter, straight-up.
• Traded a cheap young corner outfielder with power and an excellent young reliever (also cheap) for Jose Vidro's bloated contract and decayed legs.
• Assured Hargrove his job is safe this year.
• Agreed to pay Jeff Weaver in excess of $8 million this season. Their vision for the franchise is now defined as "abjectly stupid." Read this, and you will know the painful daily grind of a Mariners fan.

Dear God, what an abysmal team.

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