Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Thoughts from My First NBA Game

The cheap seats had a good view and I didn't get mugged on the walk home. The calzone before tipoff made everything all right. Now onto the contest (if we can call it that):

* The Suns very quickly established their offensive set: use motion and curls to clear to the paint. Then drive the lane and either 1) finish at the basket, or 2) pass to the open corners. End result? Stoudemire finishes with 22 points on 10-15 shooting, Marion had 31 on 11-17 (3-5 from downtown). Phoenix shot 8-18 from deep and threw down plenty of awesome dunks.

* Nash was having an off-night (or is still injured), but managed to finish with 13 points and 11 dimes. What an amazing player to watch in person. A few times Nash left the crowd in awe with an amazing pass or acrobatic layup, which all seemed easy to him.

* How out of hand was this game? Pat Burke -- yes that Pat Burke -- nearly had a double-double.

* Elton Brand started off hot then disappeared.

* Livingston simply can't play the two alongside Cassell. Shaun doesn't have a consistent mid-range jumper and he can't blow past his defender by a layup. He's the anti-Rip Hamilton.

* My old roommate and I constantly joked about this being Maggette's and Livingston's farewell tour.

* Arguably the loudest cheer happened in the final minutes when seldom-used Sun and former Clipper Eric Piatkowski drained a three. After the shot I discussed with my old roommate about who belonged in the theoretical Clippers Ring of Honor. He giggled when I mentioned Sean Rooks.

* When I saw Burke smack Aaron Williams with a flagrant foul I yelled, "white on white crime!"

* My stomach and wallet are grateful that I passed on a bacon-wrapped hotdog after the game. My mind thinks otherwise.

Even though it was an early blowout I had a fun time. I wasn't rooting for a particular team so it was nice just to sit back and appreciate the game.

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