Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick Thoughts on the NBA Draft

- What a historic day for the franchises in the Northwest.

- I really liked the first-round picks by Atlanta. Billy Knight actually listened to common sense.

- The more I think about it the more I don't like the Ray Allen trade for Boston. He's 32 and basically a more perimeter version of your best player. What's the point in getting Glen Davis when you have Leon Powe? Can you afford two roster spots on potential power forwards? On the plus side the Celtics do unload Wally's bloated salary.

- Michael Jordan is simply a horrible GM. Jason Richardson won't bring fans to the arena and isn't a superstar. I'm not high on Brandan Wright but I wouldn't trade a 6'9 potential stud for an injury-prone B player.

- I like the Lakers selection of Javaris Crittenton. I'm not sure why.

- Nick Young scores in a myriad of ways and doesn't play a lick of defense. He'll be a great fit in Washington.

- Ridding Steve Francis from your team is like being declared cancer-free. Z-Bo might go nuts in the Bronx. Should be interesting on both fronts. Is Channing Frye relegated to backup duties for Oden and Alridge? Does Josh McRoberts play solely in blowouts?

- Pretty good coverage by the guys at ESPN. Bilas was great, Stephen A. was opinionated (in a good way) and Tirico kept things going. That Oprah line was freakin' hilarious. Not sure what Mark Jackson was doing there (Chad Ford too busy flailing on his keyboard for Insider?).

- I was hoping Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak would punch Jim Gray for asking a question that was obviously tampering.

- Stop selling picks Phoenix! You could have had Sergio Rodriguez last year (and solved your backup PG dilemma). Did you really need $3 million badly enough to pass up on Rudy Fernandez or Morris Almond?

- Funniest moment of the draft: NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver announces Giorgos Printezis as the 58th overall selection and follows it with, "and he's here!" Printezis promptly slaps hands with his entourage, puts on a Spurs hat and heads to the stage as ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla says you wouldn't want to be around Printezis in a dark alley. Think the No Fun League Draft would ever be this laid-back and enjoyable?

- Orlando drafted Reyshawn Terry, a forward from UNC. With the 44th pick a team is basically throwing darts on the wall. Still, I like the selection and think Reyshawn can do some good things this season. Hell, I'd play him over Turkoglu right now.

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