Thursday, August 30, 2007

Idiocy Revisited

Looks like someone didn't learn a lesson...

Tonight your team plays a make-up away game against the Cleveland Indians. Earlier the New York Yankees finished off a three-game sweep of the Boston Red Soxs. The Yanks now lead the Wild Card by .5 a game. Your team has just suffered a crippling three-straight losses against division rivals Los Angeles Angels. Another defeat tonight extends the overall losing streak to six.


Cleveland takes the early lead, but your team scratches its way back on top. Momentum swings back and forth.


You're tied. Bottom of the ninth. One out. Your reliever has just hit a batter on an 0-2 pitch, leaving runners on first and second. He's only gotten one out and is having issues with control.

You've used three relievers in 2.2 innings, leaving two options remaining in the bullpen. The first is closer J.J. Putz, already established as the best arm on the roster. He hasn't pitched in nearly a week. The other choice is Rick White, who imploded two days ago in a pressure-packed outing.

Once again, the situation. A chance to stay tied for the Wild Card and gain half a game on the idle Angels.

So you can stick with the usually reliable (but currently struggling) Eric O'Flaherty... or choose between the super-dominant Putz or the craptastic White.

What do you do again, John McLaren?

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