Tuesday, August 07, 2007

You Say Tomato...

* Both are considered the greatest ever in their respective sports.
* Both dominated their sports during the same period of time (late 90's to 2005).
* Both have been accused of using performance enhancing drugs.
* Both have had colleagues implicate them to performance enhancement.
* Both have been the subjects of books alleging performance enhancement.
* One has been championed as a hero and role model. The other has been vilified as a liar and fraud.
* One is considered to be have been clean in a sport riddled with dirty participants. The other is considered the poster child of a sport plagued with cheats.
* One is celebrated for accomplishing a record that will almost certainly never be approached. The other is criticized for breaking the greatest record in American athletics.
*One is a likable white cancer survivor. The other is a contentious black athlete.

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