Sunday, October 07, 2007

Two Baseball Links

Added a couple of sites to Links that deal with baseball talent.

Minor League Ball is written by John Sickels. He has been featured on and is the author of the Baseball Prospect Book series. Minor League Ball analyzes, remembers and predicts the skills and productions of baseball prospects past, present and future. Definitely recommended for those who are interested either in the stars of tomorrow or who wish to know more about his or her favorite team's farm system.

Prospect Insider is written by Jason Churchill, who has written articles for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. PI is primarily a blog that deals with minor leaguers with an emphasis on those within the Mariners organization. Occasionally there will be commentary on the current MLB club. Jason has many sources through baseball and sometimes posts about the rumblings and grumblings throughout the sport. His latest entry offers insight into which teams Alex Rodriguez will look to sign with this offseason.

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