Saturday, November 10, 2007

College Football's Top Teams and Heisman Hopefuls: Week #11

I take a few weeks off from writing about college football and the sport goes insane. Illinois -- of all teams -- sends the BCS Championship into disarray by upsetting top-ranked Ohio State in Columbus.

What a wacky year it's been. The Big 12, considered a lowly conference coming into 2007, is home to three of the five-best teams in the nation. One of them, Kansas, remains the only program in a major conference to remain undefeated.

LSU and Oregon, if they run the table, are expected to play for the championship. However, if a Big 12 team earns a big win in the conference championship game it's possible that extenuating circumstances will push the Ducks down to #3. Remember in 2001 the Ducks were ranked 2nd in both polls but 4th in the BCS. The computers (and human voters) could make it happen again.

Looking ahead to Week 12... Oregon visits Arizona in a collision of two high-powered offenses. Also Ohio State and Michigan engage in their annual showdown. Finally, Georgia looks to keep pace in the SEC East against Kentucky.

Top Ten Teams
College Last Month
1) Louisiana State
2) Oregon
3) Oklahoma
4) Missouri
5) Kansas
6) West Virginia
7) Ohio State
8) Georgia
9) Arizona State
10) Florida

Dropped out: #3 South Florida, #7 Boston College, #8 South Carolina, #9 Kentucky, #10 California

This is clearly a three-man race and with each passing week it appears Tebow and Dixon further separate themselves from the pack. That has as much to do with their excellent play as it does with the other contenders playing for losing teams. Dixon had a bye this week. All Tebowo did was account for seven TD in a blowout against South Carolina. McFadden had a decent game but Arkansas got blown out by Tennessee. Matt Ryan threw for three TD and 400+ yards but Boston College's defense couldn't stop Maryland. Daniel had himself a huge outing against Texas A&M. Two weeks from now his Missouri squad plays at Kansas. That could be the game that determines the Heisman.

Heisman Hopefuls

Name Position Year College
Tim Tebow
Dennis Dixon
Darren McFadden
Chase Daniel
Matt Ryan
Sr. Boston College

Dropped out: Andre' Woodson, Graham Harrell, Michael Hart

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