Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas and More Baseball Guessing

The article which will analyze the status of every MLB team entering 2008 is coming along nicely. Last time I posted a preview of a certain National League franchise. Here's a preview for an American League ballclub.

The class of the _____ remains in the driver's seat. GM _____ stepped down after the end of the season and new general manager _____ has yet to prove he can run a big market ballclub. Overpaying for OF _____ wasn't as egregious a mistake as overpaying for _____ (who was mentioned in the Mitchell Report) last year but still was a bad signing. Trading _____ netted the _____ a quality starter in _____ but leaves a gaping hole at SS. Despite these lateral moves _____ still possesses superior talent and coaching compared to its division rivals. The farm system has thinned since the promotions of RHP _____, 2B _____ and OF _____. Top prospects 3B _____ and RHP _____ are promising but have performance and injury questions.

Hmm, this franchise seems to have its act together. Will it earn an "A" because of its divisional dominance or will the team lose points for making questionable transactions and entering 2008 with an untested front office? Actually I should figure out the answer myself...

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