Friday, January 25, 2008

ESPN The Magazine Plays It Safe

Fixed the picture.

UPDATE 1/26/08: For some reason the cover image is no longer showing. I suspect either an international conspiracy or technical error. Regardless, here's another picture.

UPDATE 1/26/08: Big thanks to Deadspin for the plug.

Last week Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman jokingly remarked aspiring golfers should "lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley." Reaction was harsh and swift. A few days later Golfweek Magazine downplayed the controversy by putting a noose on its cover.

In light of Golfweek's success ESPN appears to be following suit. Recently Dana Jacobson blurted some drunken statements that might be perceived as less than complimentary to Notre Dame and Jesus. Christian groups are already mobilizing a protest against the World Wide Leader.

To minimize further uproar next week's issue of ESPN The Magazine comes with a special cover.

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MCBias said...

Enjoyed the cover over at Deadspin--good work!