Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Chinese Defense Like Swiss Cheese

We last visited Yi Jianlan's mini milk movie last December, where the emphasis was more on invisible violins and unspoken lesbian allegiances rather than the actual level of play. And on closer inspection... Chinese basketball is in trouble.

The People's Republic has high hopes for its hoops squad, but with Yao Ming possibly missing the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing due to a foot injury defense will need to be a priority. And the Chinese have much work to do.

Playing man-to-man defense when the guard is at least half a foot shorter than the ballhandler is terrible strategy. Jianlan, with the obvious physical advantage, has the option either to shoot over the defender or...

...take it to the hole! Nice defense. What is he trying to block anyway? Kobe, LeBron & Co. will dominate in Beijing unless the Chinese are willing to step up their game.

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