Thursday, May 08, 2008

R.I.P. 2008 Seattle Mariners

The latest rendition of Emerald City baseball died tonight. Or at least its playoff hopes died. Not that it wasn't already on life support. Fans and the media had high expectations for a team coming off a 88-win campaign. Once it stumbled out of the gate things quickly fell apart. The front office has already given manager John McLaren the dreaded vote of confidence. Attendance is dwindling. It's only early May but Seattle sits in the AL West cellar at 14-22, a full eight games behind the Angels. Tonight's familiar dreadful non-showing on offense (second straight shutout, 7th time to score two or less runs in eight games) and a pathetic "fight" to boot were the straws that mercifully broke Seattle's back.

In order to win 90 games this season (for all intents and purposes the bare minimum to win a divisional title in most years) Seattle will have to play .600 baseball the rest of the schedule. It's not going to happen to such a dysfunctional and untalented team as this one so no use hoping for the unlikely. Better to cut ties now and keep the goodbyes as painless as possible.

Adieu 2008 Seattle Mariners. You came, you saw, you couldn't hit with men in scoring position.

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