Friday, July 04, 2008

Mariners Are Offensively Bad

How lackluster has been the M's bats this year? Rotoworld offers this scathing indictment:
Remarkably, Seattle's designated hitters are now hitting .201/.256/.296 in 294 at-bats for the season. To put that in perspective, Rey Ordonez was a career .246/.289/.310 hitter.
First of all it's ludicrous an American League team could get such little production from the position. The Mariners would be slightly worse off letting their pitchers hit for themselves. At least San Diego and Washington, the only two teams that have scored less runs than Seattle this year, have that crutch to fall back on.

Despite such woeful numbers the M's insist the full-time DH bat fourth in the lineup. I'm sure opposing pitchers are intimidated by the cleanup hitter, what with Jose Vidro's killer .220/.268/.322 batting line.

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