Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chuck Chuck Go Away, Don't Come Back Ever

Seattle Mariners President Chuck Armstrong, in all seriousness, says in an interview with
"The easiest thing would be to declare victory and walk away from what we have accomplished here -- building a beautiful ballpark, having the best record in baseball from 2000-03, winning a record 116 games and going to the playoffs in 1995, '97, 2000 and 2001."

"Maybe someone else could walk away and feel good about it, but I can't. I care passionately about this place and this organization, and I am more determined than ever to help get this turned back around."

"I trust my own ability to make good decisions."

Year Record
2008 61-101
2007 88-74
2006 78-84
2005 69-93
2004 63-99
2003 93-69
2002 93-69

Payroll in excess of $600 million over the past seven years. I'm convinced this franchise will never right itself.

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