Thursday, December 11, 2008

He Said What?

Overheard at the end of today's episode of PTI:

Tony Kornheiser: Candace Parker and Sheldon Williams have eloped. You have marriage advice for them?
Michael Wilbon: I got great advice. Threesomes keep it interesting.

UPDATE: visuals!


Adam Parsons said...

I heard him say that!!!!
I'm so mad about it. What was he THINKING?!!!!
How on earth at 6:30pm on a Thursday night think that making a comment about a married man spicing up his love life with a threesome be OK?????

His co-presenter repeated it saying that he couldn't believe that he said it and then they switched to the female presenter that looked ABSOLUTELY PISSED.

That guy should apologize for that. I wrote to ESPN and complained about it already.

Scott said...

That is incredible. I love Wilbon & Kornheiser. Anyone who is offended by something that tame needs to remove the stick from their anus. There's worse than that on soap operas running during the middle of the day.