Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Proof NBA Referees Are Terrible

During yesterday's game between the Celtics and Blazers something odd occurred. Portland scored a basket... with six players on the court. Even more incredulous, the referees allowed the basket to stand. Mike Callahan said in a statement after the game that the field goal wouldn't have counted if the officials saw it beforehand. Hmm, really Mike?

Here's video of the bizarre play. Witness the strangeness for yourself. SI's Ian Thomsen comes down hard on the incident, calling it the worst official decision he has ever witnessed at a sporting event. To me, it's another example of why Tim Donaghy was not the biggest referee problem with the NBA. Constant incompetence by the refs has plagued the league for years. Superstar calls, favoring the home team as well as inconsistent officiating between the regular season and the playoffs has been the hallmark of NBA refs. This is only the latest, and perhaps most obvious, example.

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