Tuesday, January 06, 2009

PTI Misses the Point

I listened to yesterday's PTI with great interest. I always love hearing Kornheiser and Wilbon, but I was particularly interested in what they had to say about Barkley's situation.

At the 18:30 mark the dynamic duo finally touched on the subject. Incredulously neither mentioned the oral sex or loaded handgun aspects of the arrest. They go on to chastise him for not having a designated driver and say he shouldn't suffer much for his most recent transgression.

By listening to PTI one is led to believe all Barkley got in trouble for is suspicion of DUI. But that's not the point. The bigger issue is that he had a loaded handgun in the car and tried to get oral sex from a woman who wasn't his wife. People critical of Barkley argue that his past transgressions and current misbehavior should be more scrutinized by fans and the media. Sooner or later, the vast leeway accorded to Chuck will disappear. Society can tolerate only so many screwups.

Inside the NBA returns to the air next Thursday. It will be an intriguing show as always, but for an altogether different reason.

UPDATE: Only an hour after this post Deadspin offers a glimpse into the philanthropic side of Barkley, writing about how Barkley helped those devastated by California wildfires. I'm also reminded of the time Barkley paid for a busboy's college education. Of course there were also the times Chuck racked up a $400,000 gambling debt and shoved a man through a window. He's certainly quite a character.

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