Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Scary Thoughts on the Mariners

15 and 95. That's the number of home runs and RBI the projected outfield of Endy Chavez, Franklin Gutierrez and Ichiro Suzuki produced in 2008. That's basically Josh Hamilton at the All-Star Break. While I am excited about the elite defense that the speedy trio will provide, baseball is about run scoring and run prevention. With Raul Ibanez's bat no longer in the middle of the lineup this offense has a chance to be frighteningly bad.

Carlos Silva is doing yoga. This guy has been stretching and moving his body in unusual positions. I might have nightmares tonight as my mind conjures up these ghastly images. But supposedly the self-proclaimed Chef Chief has lost 20 pounds this offseason. Of course, this is the same dude who ate 4 triple cheeseburgers in one sitting last year. Then again, it was In-N-Out Burger. I mean, can you blame anyone for gorging at the finest fast food place around?


djw said...

RBIs? Seriously?

Sports on a Schtick said...

Yea I don't like using the stat that often either, but it's an easy way to indicate how punchless the M's outfield is.

Matthew said...

20 HRs, and 80 RBIs by those 3 so far, add Balentin and you get another 3 and 10 :)