Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Griffey Goes Far Away From Seattle

What seemed like a certainty for months is now hanging on by a thread.

Reports indicate Ken Griffey Jr. will sign with the Atlanta Braves. Throughout the winter it was assumed The Kid would wind up back in Seattle. And while both sides didn't seem too interested in each other at the onset of the offseason this reunion started to take shape over the past week. But then the Braves swooped in and offered an attractive alternative. In Atlanta Griffey could roam the outfield (Seattle would have likely wanted him to DH), watch his daughter play AAU basketball in Georgia and play close to his Tampa home. Those factors seem to have won him over to stay in the NL.

Griffey could've been a nice fit in Seattle. Chances are he will be a productive bat against right-handed pitchers for the low price of a couple million. Then of course, there would be the nostalgia factor, which is an entire post onto itself. The man carried the M's franchise during the mostly dismal 90's and was, in essence, essential to saving Emerald City baseball. Safeco Field was the House that Griffey Built (or convinced the city to pay for anyway).

While it would've been nice to see Junior end his brilliant career in Seattle, it seems as if it won't be meant to happen.

EDIT: Oops! Welcome back Ken!

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