Thursday, August 13, 2009

Adrian Beltre Suffers Second-Worst Testicle-Related Injury in Mariner History

Yesterday's tense 14-inning, 1-0 win for the Seattle Mariners might have been the last game for Adrian Beltre in a M's uniform. And if it was then it was an awful way to go.

Geoff Baker at The Seattle Times writes Beltre injured his man sack while fielding a grounder last night. The free agent to be, who does not wear a protective cup, suffered tearing (!!!) and internal bleeding (!!!) in his nether region. Adrian will need anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months to recover. Take all the time you need.

Regardless of however long it takes Beltre to get back on the field at least he'll return in full form. Back in 1997 Mariners relief pitcher Josias Manzanillo was struck in the boing-oing-oing by a Manny Ramirez line drive. Josias, who also did not wear a cup, eventually needed surgery to have ONE OF HIS TESTICLES REMOVED.

Moral of the story? Put something hard over your junk while playing with balls.

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BostonInjury said...

I loved the kicker at the end, nice. I feel for Geoff Baker, that sounds terrible. Great job with concision!