Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Erik Bedard, Glass Cannon

Erik Bedard is likely sidelined for the rest of 2009. He moronically tried to pitch through pain over the last month, which predictably worsened his shoulder. Since the ill-fated trade in early 2008 that brought Bedard to the Seattle Mariners he's been a major disappointment. His numbers through almost two seasons:

30 games, 164 IP, 135 hits, 162 K

Pretty good statistics at first glance. But a closer look reveals that Bedard has been slightly above average at best. While possessing outstanding stuff (including a devastating curve) Erik tries to be precise with every pitch, which leads to nibbling (71 walks) and racking up his pitch count. Take a look at this season's game log. In eight of his 15 starts Bedard has thrown more than a hundred pitches yet he's never gone deeper than 7 innings.

When healthy Bedard is a good #3 or below-average #2 starter. But because he was made and assembled in Canada Erik is only available to pitch half the time.

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