Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bad Debut for the 2010 Seattle Mariners

The first week of the baseball season is wrapping up and the Seattle Mariners did not get the fast start they were looking for. The team played everyday since Monday and managed a merely 21 runs, dropping five of its seven games. Only the upstart Orioles and all-around terrible Astros have a worse record coming out the gate. It's awfully early in the season but every game matters in what will likely be a tight AL West division.

Some quick points about the team:

* Ken Griffey Jr. looks really awful at the plate. His bat is so slow. Father Time is winning this battle. Plus his presence on the roster really hampers how flexibility the bench can be.

* Looks like the bullpen is regressing to its true talent. Sadly, the starters are playing to their true talent.

* The Mariners are definitely emphasizing speed on the basepaths. It hasn't always paid off so far but it's a positive development in my opinion. The M's are going to have to generate offense and might as well utilize one of their best assets.

* Franklin Gutierrez made a couple of fantastic catches this week including this amazing grab on Saturday that might have saved the game. If his bat keeps improving like it's showing... Matt Kemp, watch out.

* Adam Moore had two catcher's interference calls against him this afternoon. WTF? Stop molesting the batters Moore.

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