Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mariners Inevitably Falling into the Void

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. Then again, no one reads this shit.

But a lot of folks, including yours truly, follow the Seattle Mariners. And even though I have been crazy busy lately I've found time to keep up with this ghastly team. Yikes. The problems with the M's have been discussed ad nauseam but I'll break it down for those who don't follow the AL West.

Where to begin? How about Mike Sweeney and Ken Griffey Jr.? Why are they still on the team? Actually I get the Griffey part. He's old and terrible but the nostalgia factor wins brownie points with casual fans. Sweeney makes very little sense. He's not a better bat than Ryan Garko (who was cut by the M's and signed by the Rangers) and can barely play first base. And Sweeney's great team chemistry and leadership abilities have the team playing at a sub-.400 clip.

So those are two valuable roster spots taken up by players who are playing like AAA fodder.

Speaking of fodder, Ryan Rowland-Smith is crapping the bed once again tonight. I had high hopes for RRS. He's kinda like a bad Jarrod Washburn. That's not a recipe for a good pitcher but a soft-tossing lefty with flyball tendencies can definitely succeed in Safeco Field with Guti and Ichiro in center and right. But wow RRS has been awful. His strikeouts are down, walks and line drives are way up.

Another pitcher who's giving up a lot of hard hits is David Aardsma. D.A. threw up some flashy numbers last season thanks to some luck and a very lively fastball. So far in 2010 he's regressed a lot. David's giving home runs at thrice the rate he was last season and has blown a couple save opportunities in horrific fashion. This is a troubling trend worth watching since the rest of the bullpen hasn't been very good either.

These are only a few of the problems that will lead the M's to missing the playoffs once again. A season that a couple months ago that was so full of optimism is quickly disintegrating into something that resembles 2008.