Saturday, August 07, 2010

Top Five Episodes of Bill Simmons' The B.S. Report

Bill Simmons' widely-popular podcast, The B.S. Report, now has a complete archive for your listening pleasure. I've listened to... something like 98% of the episodes and compiled a list of some of The Sports Guy's best.

Keep in mind this list skews completely to his older stuff. Frankly I think The B.S. Report has been getting too Hollywood for its own good.

UPDATE 12/28/12: The B.S. Report is doing a Time Machine Week, showcasing the "best of" Bill Simmons podcasts. So far the list includes the Bill and JackO "The Real World" episode so it's definitely worth checking out.

UPDATE: Evidently none of these links work. Well done ESPN.

1. 8/2/07 - Play | Download
Bill Simmons talks to Dave Meltzer about the WWE and the Chris Benoit tragedy. How can the WWE recover?

Absolutely riveting podcast regarding the double murder-suicide of one of wrestling's greatest talents. While Simmons does chime in with an occasional quip this is for the most part a grim odyssey into the sordid details of Benoit's personal demons and substance abuse. Most people enjoy the Sports Guy for his irreverence and comedy but I find his quiet thoughtfulness (like in his much-heralded farewell to The Dooze) his strongest suit. Meltzer has chronicled wrestling for well over a decade. His knowledge and passion for the "sport" clearly shines here.

4/10/08 - Play | Download
Bill and JackO stop being polite and start getting real as they relive 20 years of MTV's "Real World."

A non-stop riot between two college buddies babbling about two decades of sex- and drug-fueled reality TV. The easy, breezy back and forth with Simmons and JackO is what makes the duo so hilarious. Zingers abound, particularly the line where Simmons threatens to go on a shooting spree if his daughter sluts it up on a future show.

3. 7/19/07 - Play | Download
Bill Simmons addresses his feud with Jerry Remy and talks with Michael Wilbon about writing, chemistry in broadcasting, racism in Boston, and the death of Len Bias.

A wide-ranging chat with one of ESPN's best commentators, WaPo's Michael Wilbon. Simmons obviously has a huge connection with Bias, the #2 overall pick by the Boston Celtics who died from a cocaine overdose mere days after the draft. The PTI co-host covered the ACC during Bias' reign in Maryland. When the conversation turns to the rim-rocking forward is when the episode really hits its peak.

4. 11/27/07 - Play | Download
Bill gets lost inside Walton's World as he tries to find out what it was like to be a part of the 1986 Celtics.

I'm definitely a person in the Bill Walton camp. He's one of the brightest, honest and most-decorated athletes from the last fifty years. Bill can hardly contain his love for the '86 Celtics and it's fascinating to listen to Walton (one of the greatest champions in sports history) wax on about team chemistry.

5. 8/24/08 - Play | Download
Bill and JackO dissect the Mike and the Mad Dog split, try to bury the Yankees' 2008 campaign, discuss the Olympics, review some reality television and more.

The second time I insert JackO into the Top Five. He and Simmons click that well together. I don't understand why JackO hasn't started his own podcast yet. The John O'Connell Hour of Power with his rants about the Yankees, reality TV and Republicans. I would listen every week.

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