Friday, April 08, 2011

Mariners Losing Without Looking Hopeless

The M's enter tonight's opening homestand at 2-4 after getting swept by the red hot Texas Rangers in Arlington earlier this week. Even a solid effort by King Felix proved fruitless as a pair of Jack Wilson errors doomed the M's to their third loss in four games. Wilson was later replaced in the finale by Luis Rodriguez, which didn't seem like a big deal. Wilson had been adjusting to second base and probably could have used a mental breather.

But now it's been revealed by Eric Wedge that Wilson asked to be pulled from the game. And while he obliged the request you can bet the mustachio'ed manager did not appreciate the quitting.

TEAM CHEMISTRY UNBALANCED WITHIN THE FIRST WEEK! Even the ass backward 2010 squad played nice for a month before grandpa Griffey started falling asleep during games.

Wilson's situation aside, Seattle has actually played okay and there are several positive signs going forward. Felix is Felix (obviously) but Erik Bedard (injuries) and Michael Pineda (inexperienced) were major question marks heading into 2011. They both pitched well in their initial outings, alleviating some anxiety amongst M's fans. If Bedard stays healthy and Pineda develops his secondary outings the Seattle starting corps suddenly becomes a huge asset.

Speaking of assets Justin Smoak was the major piece acquired in the Cliff Lee trade last summer but struggled so badly he was sent to AAA to regain his confidence. Early this season Smoak looks like the bruising, switch-hitting slugger his lofty prospect status projected him to be.

It's early and the record isn't pretty but things are not awful in Seattle. Not yet.

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