Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unemployed Blacks Deprive White People Of Entertainment: NBA & NFL Lockouts By The Numbers

Before the NBA lockout the league employed about 450 players. According to approximately 80% are black.

Before the NFL lockout the league employed about 1700 players. Various recent sources indicate at least half the players are black.

450 x 80% = 360
1,700 x 50% = 850
360 + 850 = 1,210 black men laid off

There are about 8 million black men 20 and older in the work force.

1,200 / 8,000,000 = .000015

The NBA and NFL lockouts are directly responsible for increasing the unemployment rate of black men in America by at least one-one hundred thousandth and a half percent.

According to Sports Business Daily white people make up 77% and 86% of NFL and NBA fans respectively.

NBA and NFL games provide innumerable hours of entertainment.

White people will yet again be victimized in America by black people.

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