Tuesday, February 08, 2011

More Trainwreck Music at the Super Bowl

Three years ago I wrote how the Super Bowl was catering its halftime show to, well... terrible non-offensive musical talents ever since the Janet Jackson fiasco as well as several other ensuing controversies. After Prince flashed his shadow cock at Super Bowl XLI in Dolphin Stadium the performers have been Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and The Who.

Yawn. Snore. Bore.

Amazingly the latest act wasn't completely terrible. The Black Eyed Peas aren't good singers (those synthesizer voices sound awful) or performers but their visual style and spectacle of the Super Bowl XLV halftime show were infinitely more dynamic than what old white guys on guitars could accomplish. Usher's entrance from the Jumbotron was pretty amazing too.

That being said I'm not sure who the halftime show was for. The futuristic/alien overlord/rave theme was... interesting. The terrible pingy music didn't help and great hot fires of hell Fergie do not attempt to be Axl Rose. She was horrific. Perhaps the league was targeting a younger demographic since there won't be any NFL for awhile. Build for the future.

Yet who knew the halftime show wouldn't be the biggest musical story of Super Bowl XLV? Of course the big story was Christina Aguilera flubbing the national anthem:

Trust me, I like to rip her as much as anyone. At the FCK IT SHOW podcast my co-host describes Christina Aguilera acting like a diva on set (starting at the 15:30 mark) so I don't have much respect for her. Compare that to Denzel Washington showing love to my homie (8:30 mark). Big difference.

However, she can sing like hell and messing up the lyrics was obviously not malicious. Xtina didn't mean to screw up on the world's biggest stage and actually did a great job of plowing through the song and not making an uncomfortable situation worse.

But yea, she did look a little thick.