Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Raiders Head Into Uncharted Territory With GM Reggie McKenzie

It's been widely reported that the Oakland Raiders are prepared to make Green Bay Packers Director of Football Operations Reggie McKenzie their first GM. The Raiders have refused to comment even though McKenzie personally texted ESPN to confirm the news.

The fact the Raiders still persist in trying to put up a shroud of secrecy is exactly the reason why the organization needs a massive shakeup. Of course Al Davis was always the de facto GM for Raider Nation when he was alive -- for better or worse. His hands-on meddling on and off the field contributed to the recent precipitous fall from face for the Silver and Black. After all it's been almost a decade since the Raiders have reached to the playoffs and the nine years since have been littered with embarrassments, busts and, most importantly, plenty of losses.

Shortly after Oakland fell yet again short of the playoffs Al's son and current Raiders owner Marc Davis brought in a group of former Raider greats including Ron Wolf and John Madden to assist in the GM search. In the end that group endorsed Reggie McKenzie.

Reggie McKenzie represents hope. He's been with the Packers front office since 1994. During that time Green Bay has been one of the most successful teams in the NFL, punctuated by Super Bowl victories in 1997 and last year. He was considered one of the rising GM candidates in the league. He's also a former Raider having began his football career as an Oakland linebacker in 1985.

The first order of business for Reggie will be to determine whether to fire the current head coach. Hue Jackson left a bad taste after torching the team after it laid an egg against the Chargers in the season finale. Also many football pundits believe he grossly overpaid for Carson Palmer and generally wants too much influence within the organization.

Whatever happens with the Raiders going forward this offseason... In Reggie We Trust.